Quality Review

Quality Consultations

  • Recent published data from the StHealth joint working project recognised that the average time spent on quality consultations was 28 minutes [1]
  • Time spent is reflective of the completeness and standard of the consultation
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey suggested that patients felt they had received a full review and had benefitted from the time resource
  • Software ensures a comprehensive NICE guideline standard of care
  • Reviews are pre-populated and a pen-picture summary avoids the need to review the last consultation

    [1] Ref ‘Improving Outcomes for COPD patients in Primary Care through Joint Working’.  Guidelines In Practice: March 2011: Vol 14.

The LungHealth guided consultation has been designed to be modular in nature enabling practices to choose:

  • The length of consultation
  • The structure and the focus of the consultation
  • Appropriate to practice needs
  • Appropriate to needs of patients

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