Patient experience

Examples of patient feedback following review:

  • ‘Very thorough’
  • ‘I had been told I had COPD but I was unsure what this meant’
  • ‘I know how to recognise when my symptoms are worsening’
  • ‘I now know why I must attend my GP when I think I have chest infection’

Patients spontaneously thanked Practice Nurses for such a thorough review

Practice Nurse Feedback

  • ‘Very easy to use & ensures you get a good history which aids an accurate diagnosis & treatment path’
  • ‘Using the software through the CCG would standardise COPD care’
  • ‘Easy to understand and self-explanatory questions
  • Able to include the patient in consultation’
  • ‘Structured approach to COPD care, allows the user to explain the management of COPD and allows the patient to question COPD management’