COPD Statistics

  • Approximately 835,000 people in England are diagnosed with COPD
  • BUT an estimated 3 million people are actually living with COPD
  • 1 person in England and Wales dies from COPD every 20 minutes- a loss of about 25,000 lives every year
  • COPD is one of the most costly diseases in terms of acute hospital care
  • COPD is the 2nd most common cause of emergency readmission to hospital
  • An estimated cost of between £810 and £930 million a year to the healthcare system, without change, this is set to rise
  • WHO expect COPD to be the third leading cause of death by 2013
  • LungHealth COPD Guided Consultation supports clinicians in meeting the Success Principles set out in Managing COPD as a Long Term Condition [1]
  • Of the 13 NICE Quality Standards for COPD, nine relate to Primary Care
  • LungHealth meets and reports on these nine standards ensuring a high level of patient care [2]


[1] NHS Improvement – Lung.

[2] National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. NICE Quality Standards for COPD.  Published July 2011.