This is about enabling staff without specialist training to do the right thing for the right patient and getting it right first time.  Patients are actively involved in their assessment, and get a full report after each consultation, and they love it!!

COPD poses an immense challenge to healthcare resources. Clinical commissioning groups will now be held to account for the delivery of outcomes for their patients through the indicators in the NHS Outcomes Framework.

Clinical commissioning groups will therefore have an express responsibility not only for the quality of the services they  commission but also for the quality of primary care provided by constituent local practices. [1]

The LungHealth COPD “guided consultation” software impacts on clinical care, improves diagnostics and ensures comprehensive delivery of GOLD guideline interventions enabling your CCG or practice to achieve significant savings.

Service Specification:

Wasted time… Wasted resources… Wasted money

Over 25% of people on COPD registers have an incorrect diagnosis, there is acknowledgement that provision and quality of services for COPD is variable. [1]

The DoH have published new guidance in the form of a Service Specification for COPD Spirometry and Assessment Services designed to assist commissioners in the delivery of quality services for COPD. [2]

The document details high level objectives, LungHealth delivers these objectives.

To accompany the specification, a COPD Commissioning Toolkit has also been published to support a step change in commissioning quality services and meet the challenges set out within the 2011 Outcomes Strategy for COPD and Asthma. [3]


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