Finalists in the 2012 NHS Innovation Challenge Prizes: Identification and Diagnosis of COPD

LungHealth software was developed independently by three respiratory physicians with many years clinical experience of COPD management as well as other respiratory conditions in conjunction with NSHI Ltd, led by Mr Eddie McKnight, Managing Director.

Dr Robert Angus

Consultant Respiratory Physician: led the first randomised study of “hospital at home/early discharge” for COPD and has particular expertise in chronic respiratory failure and severe COPD.

Dr Lisa Davies

Consultant Respiratory Physician: has led a series of studies into which non drug approaches work for COPD, use of oxygen, and how the community and secondary care can link up.

Prof Mike Pearson

Professor of Clinical Evaluation with a background of leading the development of first BTS and then NICE COPD guidelines and setting up the National audit of COPD.

Mr Eddie McKnight

Managing Director of National Services for Health Improvement (NSHI Ltd): NSHI Ltd is an independent service provider focusing on the effective creation and implementation of key healthcare strategies in order to deliver measurable outcomes on behalf of UK and Global clients.